Our donors say that Extraordinary Conceptions is the best egg donor agency to work with in Canada. Future parents are looking for a unique young woman just like you to be their egg donor. 

Each donor is unique! Some have special talents, a rare trait, a specific ethnicity. You may be an athlete, a University graduate, or have a particular skill.

What makes you unique? It may be exactly that special something a Future Parent out there is looking for.

Ask us how to be an egg donor in Canada. We are one of the most professional and supportive agencies in Canada!


  • A healthy woman between the ages of 18-29
  • BMI of 30 or less (height & weight proportionate)
  • A non-smoker and not using recreational drugs

Learn more about egg donor qualifications by contacting our egg donor team. 

Egg Donor Benefits

  • Learn about your genetic and fertility profile for free
  • Travel to a different city or country with a companion of your choice
  • Check in with Licensed Family & Marriage Therapists
  • Access to Licensed Family & Marriage Therapists
  • Past and current egg donors, IVF Nurses on staff to support you
  • Reimbursement of egg donor related expenses 

Reimbursements for Egg Donors

What is egg donor compensation in Canada?

As per the AHRA, egg donors in Canada cannot be compensated, however they may be reimbursed for any donation-related expenses they incur due to the process.

Your team of coordinators at Extraordinary Conceptions will ensure you are supported through the process of requesting reimbursements and that you fully understand what you are entitled to be reimbursed.