China Turns To USA Surrogacy

China Turns To USA Surrogacy

When the Chinese government recently declared that it would sever its one-child policy, permitting couples to have another, the news lit up headlines worldwide. And the excitement has been contagious ever since.

The announcement is historical considering that the one-child policy has been mandated for more than 30 years. The motivation for the turnover seems to be twofold. It’s the government’s hope that the longstanding family planning policy reversal will remedy a dwindling labor force and China’s current and future aging citizens.

Now that Chinese citizens are allowed a second child, analysts expect that many will turn to surrogacy to help build their families. According to the Global Times, numerous surrogacy agencies have informed the publication that there is a rise in surrogacy inquiries.

Like previous years, the Chinese population interested in third-party reproduction will look to the United States where there are exceptional fertility specialists and high pregnancy success rates.

While laws differ from state to state, surrogacy friendly states such as California afford individuals and couples stable laws for parentage rights. Third-party reproductive attorneys take care of all the legalities as well as making certain that the intended parents’ names are on their baby’s United States birth certificate.

Some couples in China may not experience pregnancy hurdles, but others may. This includes those who may not be in their reproductive years who want to add a second child to their family. And for others, fertility treatments may be futile due to unique medical situations.

Pollution issues in China may also be another infertility factor.

However, despite whatever challenges one may face, everyone deserves the right to experience the love of another child. And surrogacy can make those dreams come true.

The Communist Party of China Central Committee’s announcement has naturally triggered a higher demand for surrogates. After hearing the amazing news in China, women who have thought about becoming a surrogate mother, now have an intense passion to help. These ladies who already have their own families cannot imagine living a life where they were legally restricted to only having one baby. So news like this brings pure joy.

Becoming a surrogate during this unforgettable moment in history can help a loving couple by carrying their precious baby. Their compassion can forever change the life of a Chinese couple who never thought the day of having a second child would come.

But now it has. And a woman who wants to learn how to become a surrogate can be part of this miracle.

Many top-tier California surrogacy agencies that the Chinese rely on have a process on picking the most elite women for this memorable journey. While these exceptional agencies offer generous surrogate mother pay, they may also offer new surrogate mothers an impressive signing bonus as a way of giving thanks.

The new family policy in China is a time for celebration and a time to help make parenthood dreams come true once and for all.