Donors in Demand

Extraordinary Conceptions has been helping people around the world to become parents since 2005. In that time, we have had many requests for unique traits and characteristics in our donors. Sometimes these requests mean that the future parents are waiting even longer to find the donor of their dreams to help their family. We call these special women our “Donors in Demand” and we are hoping that you’ll help change the lives of others through egg donation.

If you’re considering becoming an egg donor, it’s probably no surprise that future parents are typically searching for a donor that physically resembles themselves. But what about parents who have rare blood types, or who are extremely intelligent (think “rocket scientists”)? Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and think about the kind of egg donor that YOU would want if you were desperately trying to have children. We know that you are unique and there are future parents who may be waiting for a donor with your traits right now.

Take the first step to becoming an egg donor by click on the button below and submitting your initial application.

We are currently in need of Asian Egg Donors!

We are looking for various East Asian ethnicities including, but not limited to Chinese, Japanese and Korean heritage. We are especially looking for 100% full ethnicities, but mixed Asian heritage is also needed. Due to the high demand, higher compensation is offered to these donors. Please contact us for more details.

Chinese egg donor

Asian Egg Donors Needed!

Calling All Canadian Egg Donors!

We have several future parents who are specifically looking for an egg donor from Canada. Our Canadian donors must meet the same egg donor requirements as our U.S. donors, but would be helping parents in Canada and working with local IVF physicians and clinics. We also have an office located in Toronto to better meet your needs, guide your donation process and answer any questions that you may have specific to egg donation in Canada. Petra and our team look forward to helping you! You can contact her my emailing [email protected]

Canadian egg donor

We are currently in need of Ivy League Egg Donors!

We’re looking for women who are currently enrolled in or have graduated from an Ivy League College (or other top-ranking university). Well-educated donors can receive higher compensation for their time. When you submit your initial application, please type “IVY” in the Comments/Questions section of the application.
Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University, Stanford, Duke, MIT, Caltech, USC, etc.

Ivy League Egg Donors

We’re looking for Ivy League Egg Donors!

Attention Current Egg Donors!

Are you currently an egg donor with Extraordinary Conceptions that has had children already? Have you thought about becoming a surrogate as another way to help make someone’s dream of having a baby come true? If you meet the requirements to become a surrogate , you can register to do both.  Call us today for more details or go to our website and fill out the online registration and be sure to mention that you are currently a donor with us. (760) 438-2265

Don’t forget that we offer Referral Incentives* if you refer someone to become an egg donor or surrogate with our agency. Even if you are not currently a donor or surrogate, you are eligible for our Referral Incentives. Just make sure your friend lists your full name in their initial application page and we’ll do the rest.

*Referral Incentives are dispersed after all legal contracts have been signed.