How one surrogate’s journey is helping countless families

Shannon, a retired surrogate, continues to help others achieve the dream of parenthood.

Shannon never imagined that her experiences as a surrogate would open the door to helping hundreds of individuals and couples build their families. Following a two-time journey at a California surrogacy agency, Shannon thought that chapter in her life was over.

A few months after she delivered twins, Shannon received an unexpected phone call from her former Surrogacy Case Coordinator, Ying.

“A position became available in our Surrogacy Admissions Department, and I thought Shannon would be perfect for it. Shannon stood out as being so kind and sweet through both of her journeys,” said Ying, who works at Extraordinary Conceptions.

Both times when Shannon was a surrogate, she carried for intending parents who lived in China. In 2014 she had a single birth, and in 2016, she delivered twins.

According to Ying, Shannon’s reasons for wanting to become a surrogate were all about helping out a couple who couldn’t have a child without the assistance of third-party reproduction.

“Shannon is a selfless and optimistic person,” Ying said. “Being her case coordinator, I knew she was the right person for the job.”

And Ying was right.

Shannon has an excellent way of communicating with other surrogates in a calm manner. After all, Shannon has walked in their shoes and has the unique opportunity of being by a woman’s side throughout their whole journey.

“Shannon has the knowledge of what it takes to be a surrogate, the struggles, the hurdles and the joys of what it’s like to give such an amazing gift, and she is willing to share her personal experience with our surrogate applicants,” Surrogacy Department Director Candace Simpson said.

In addition to working in the Surrogacy Department Intake Team, Shannon is also a Care Coordinator where her compassionate listening and sage advice are priceless. Shannon shared how being a Care Coordinator does enhance her role by easing the minds and concerns of her surrogates.

Before Shannon was hired at the agency, she helped two couples build their families as their surrogate. Even though she retired as a surrogate, her ability to help others achieve parenthood via surrogacy has multiplied.

“It is such a great feeling knowing that I get to help families find their perfect surrogates and help surrogates find their perfect families that fit for them,” Shannon said. “I’m helping both have such an amazing experience.”

For Shannon, every single day is a new experience with the people she meets.

“While everyone may be looking for something different they are all seeking to accomplish the same goal: Surrogacy,” Shannon said.

Many often wonder if Shannon ever tires of talking about her surrogacy experiences. It’s a natural question that she answers with an emphatic, “No.”

“I never get sick of it because I love sharing my experiences with other surrogates,” she said. “I think my story is giving them the positive reinforcement that they need while they go through this amazing experience that they won’t regret.”