Presenting: Extraordinary Conceptions Mexico

Our agency has taken a leap into the future of surrogacy in Mexico. Our surrogacy program in Mexico provides intended parents with an accessible and affordable family building option for both national and international intended parents. We work with the best and most experienced legal team to ensure there are no obstacles to a safe return home with your baby. Our name is our reputation and therefore our Mexico based office is run with the same level of care, efficiency, and professionalism as you have come to expect from Extraordinary Conceptions.

Representative in Mexico

Meet our Mexico consultant and ambassador, Hilda Herrera. As our Client Relations specialist in Mexico, Hilda specializes in the development and implementation of both our donor and surrogacy programs in Mexico. Located in the paradisiac area of Banderas Bay “Puerto Vallarta”, Hilda has more than 12 years of experience in VIP and bespoke services. She will be there with you for the entire surrogacy journey in Mexico and take care of every detail. Hilda is also in charge of overseeing all cycle logistics for your donor and surrogate by assisting with all local monitoring and coordination no matter where in Mexico they are located.


Yes! The fact is that in that the federal government in Mexico does not regulate nor prohibit surrogacy in Mexico and the courts fully support and honor any legal agreements between intended parents and their surrogate. All parties receive independent legal advice and contracts are put in to place long before an embryo transfer happens. The only Mexico states where surrogacy is completely illegal is Queretaro and Sonora. Surrogacy in Tabasco was also prohibited in 2016 for international intended parents however this has no impact on surrogacy arrangements being completed within other states in Mexico. Extraordinary Conceptions work with qualified and knowledgeable surrogacy attorneys in Mexico who have years of experience and who have confirmed there are no restrictions when it comes to undergoing surrogacy in Mexico outside of the states of Queretaro, Sonora and Tabasco.

Yes! Surrogacy in Mexico is available for both same sex couples as well as single intended parents. In fact, Mexico is an ideal option for same sex couples for several reasons including the low cost, the proximity to the US, gender selection and availability of surrogates.

Absolutely you can! Surrogacy in Mexico is an excellent and cost-effective option for both national and international intended parents.


If you are a woman between 18 and 29 years old, with healthy BMI according to your body weight and height and with no addictions, Extraordinary Conceptions is looking for egg donors in Mexico to fulfill the dreams of our intended parents who are looking to start a family. Please register here.


Extraordinary Conceptions is looking for surrogate mothers to fulfill the dream of our intended parents to have a baby. If you are a healthy woman, between the ages of 21 and 30 years old, have at least 1 child of your own, with healthy BMI, no addictions , you can apply now and obtain incredible benefits por helping someone else such as life insurance, medical exams and health insurance.